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Great Date Locations in Dublin

Great Date Locations in Dublin

Dublin is a modern European capital city that also has an interesting history and a rich cultural heritage. As a result, it is home to many locations that would make the perfect setting for a romantic date. The following is a selection of five of the best date locations in Dublin.

Odessa Lounge and Grill

Dublin has no shortage of restaurants providing delicious food, but Odessa is something special. Located in Dame Court, the cosy, relaxed atmosphere and friendly, welcoming staff make this restaurant an excellent choice of location for a date. Most importantly, Odessa has a well-deserved reputation for consistently delivering excellent food offerings. The menu is varied enough to cater for all tastes, and there is also a large selection of wines to choose from. With good food, service, and atmosphere, Odessa is perfect for any dinner date.

Light House Cinema

Dublin is home to several cinemas showing the latest Hollywood blockbusters, however for a more interesting date the Light House Cinema is a better choice. Located in Smithfield Market Square, it provides an intimate, romantic setting to view artistic modern films as well as classic cinema. There is a café with a seating area inside the cinema to allow people to sit and chat either before or after a screening. The café is licensed, allowing people who are on a date the option of buying wine or beer.

National Gallery of Ireland

For art lovers and dating professionals, the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin's Merrion Square West is an ideal setting for a date. Hours can be spent wandering around the exhibits and taking in the masterpieces by artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. Naturally, there are also many works by Irish artists such as Frederic William Burton. The National Gallery offers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere in which couples can relax, as well as a huge selection of priceless works of art to stimulate conversation.

St. Stephen's Green

St. Stephen's Green is a park located in Dublin's city centre, and as such it is a calm oasis amid all of the hustle and bustle going on outside of the park gates. It has a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere, and plentiful areas of green grass providing perfect spots for romantic picnics. The scenic beauty of the park is enhanced by floral beds, tree-lined walks, and an attractive fountain. Couples walking hand in hand around the park are guaranteed to enjoy the idyllic setting, and can finish their perfect date by visiting the large pond to feed St. Stephen's Green's native ducks.

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo, housed in Phoenix Park, provides an excellent day out for couples wanting to enjoy a relaxing date. The zoo is extremely large, with sizeable enclosures for the animals. The variety of animals on show is extensive, as the zoo is home to tigers, elephants, penguins, and wolves amongst many others. A visit to the zoo can include a meal at the Meerkat Restaurant, and there are also cafés and kiosks serving a variety of food offerings. Finally, picnic tables provide an alternative romantic option.

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