July 18, 2018 - Welcome at Guide to Ireland The Lombard townhouse in Dublin, Ireland.

How to link to Guide to Ireland ?

Linking suggestions

Help spread the word about Guide to Ireland by linking to us. Here you find some code examples you can use to link to us, as well as some guidelines for linking. You may link to our main page at https://www.guide-to-ireland.net or to any of the accommodation pages on the site.

Text link to our homepage

<a href="https://www.guide-to-ireland.net" title="Guide to Ireland">Guide to Ireland</a>

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Text link to a property

To link directly to a property use e.g. the following text link with your own property code and property name :

<a href="https://www.guide-to-ireland.net/?id=3852" title="Visit Slieve Bloom Manor on Guide to Ireland">Slieve Bloom Manor</a>

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You can inform us by using this form to let us know you have added a link to our website. Once we have verified the link we will add a link to your website as well.

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